Night ride on the Caldon, ink and stuff on A1.


Really like your choice of colours throughout Justin

Love those dark shadowy areas Justin and your mark making with the pencils. I am trying to incorporate this kind of thing in my mixed media stuff but not as convincing, or as natural as your own.

I saw one of your recent drawings and really liked what you did please stick with it, not because it flatters me that you think my style is worth emulating which it really does but that it will help you to be more confident in your own. I shall have to do a demo or video or something Fiona. It’s more chaotic than natural to be honest. I’m looking at one on the board now wondering where to go with it. Either I’ll take it off and leave it alone while I do summat else or I’ll attack it with some stuff or power wash it all off and start again. That will fix it one way or another. It’s allowing yourself to go too far without being too precious and losing parts of an image that helps you to learn how to correct your mistakes and gets you back on track again. Which is why I can’t get attached to oil paints, they are beautifully easy to work, also so easy to correct, so you can always keep that looseness. A piece of white paper that is the main source of light in a picture is much more my kind of challenge. I keep reminding myself of a guru who once said “do or not do, there is no try” and this gives me the kick up the pants to continue with it that and another guru who said “treat it like it’s stolen”. I think going bigger helps me a lot, I would really struggle having such freedom on anything less than A2 and A1 and A0 are great fun if challenging to mount and frame. Keep safe except on paper and canvas (ツ)

Justin, thank you for your wise’s another guru saying, “get on with it you big girl”. These are the wise words I have taken on as my mantra whenever I dither about which crayon, which mark and where to put it moment comes upon me. A demo would be brill and I can tell you that your ‘chaos’ method works for me! Thanks again 🤗

Ah, now I understand about your reference to “jet washing” your painting. I had visions of you getting the Karcher car pressure washer out! You’ve given me some good tips for using inks, I especially like the idea of applying the ink, washing off and then layering another colour on top, that must give it lots of depth. Thanks Justin, really appreciate you taking the time.

Forgot to add, got your message ref the brushes, I’ve replied but it’s the first time I’ve used the messaging thingy, hope you received it. Thanks again

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I always try to make time for a bike ride

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