Hen Cloud - Autumn colours

Hen Cloud -  Autumn colours

Love this Justin, your loose work really appeals.

Thanks Fiona, thanks for your comments (I hope you looked up Arthur Berry stuff) .. truthfully Its the culmination of twenty or thirty photos taken out on my motorbike around the roaches area, and then an 'orangeish' primed MDF board, and a reluctance to use 'autumn' colours in the autumn. so I just used cerulean blue, white and black. all the orange is bare MDF. I sanded it down in the middle to reduce the orangey bit in the middle. This way I reckon I can make my current paint stock last about 300 years, but global warming through MDF manufacture might be a problem.

Hi Justin, yes I did look up Arthur Berry’s work, I left this reply to you on the charcoal sketch you commented on. Justin, thanks very much for your comment and dropping Arthur Berry’s name, I hadn’t heard of him and yes, I do like his urban/landscape work. Not a lover of his portraits however. Lol I have the same love of Joan Eardley’s work...except her portraits! This was based on work of Dennis Creffield’s, again, love his buildings/landscape, not keen on the rest. I do like the understated approach you have to some of your work, this one works really well. This may sound odd but I love unfinished painting/drawings etc. I’ve done a bit of touring around that area on my motorbike, it’s the best way to see it, in fact it’s the best way to see anywhere! I haven’t tried MDT yet, I’ve got some old bit of oak that came from an old bookcase...but I’m saving them for best ! Lol

I go to my local timber merchant and gets a full sheet of 9mm MDF 8’ by 4’ cut into 40cm strips and then saw off pieces from those lengths. Enough for at least 20 paintings for £12

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Acrylic on unprimed MDF 300x400 mm

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