I think you have captured the meaning and the moment Tessa. I particularly like the way you haven't painted the whole surface, it's very clever.

Very effective, Tessa, the eye goes straight where you're aiming for, clever stuff!

Straight to the point (no pun intended). The future seems so uncertain, but there's always hope.

Very good Tessa, that eye is very expressive. We have ours today!

A good lesson in simplification and cutting out detail, Tessa. I like your use of gouache.

Excellent work Tessa , had mine a week ago so well organised and great people. Told that they would do 1600 on the day I attended. Hope you all have yours soon.

So so good Tessa, clever, simple and I really like it

Good painting Tessa, if only everyone would take the offer of vaccines up!!

Love the style of this, Tessa. You've got those positions perfectly but my eye always looks away sideways when it comes to injections😳

Great work Tessa, very powerful image.

A good style and good subject Tessa. Now waiting for my second ;)

I like the stark, simplicity, well suited to the subject matter Fiona. Very clever use of composition and colour.

Absolutely superb Tessa!

Wow, thanks all for the speedy response and positive words! I had my first jab last week, just waiting for the second. I do feel a little more secure but a long way to go til ‘normal life’ resumes! Marjorie, I also look away when needles appear. 🤣

Fabulous interpretation. So simple but so powerful

So cleverly done Tessa, really very good indeed.

Thank you Hilary and Diane. Always glad of your comments.

Tessa, this is brilliant! Love the idea and the subject and also the positive and negative areas of your painting ie. half there and half not, physically and mentally, if that makes sense. You ought to consider entering this for the 90th anniversary front cover of the Artist competition. It’s topical and speaks volumes for the year 2021.

Good comment on our times. Well done, Tessa!

Gosh Fiona, thanks for the suggestion, not sure it’s anywhere near good enough for that, but might Give it some thought! Thank you also Linda and Margaret.

Love the style in this Tessa, so effective

Hang on Studio Wall

This was done in gouache for our weekly online art group, the challenge this week being to paint our idea of hope. I think currently most people’s idea of hope is getting past the virus and back to something like normal, hence this painting. I wanted the viewer to focus on what’s going on, so haven’t painted the whole surface. I put the initial sketch on the forum. A5.

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