Interesting composition, Teddi (the rock on the right resembles a lion's head!) Like the mix of colours, especially that bright yellowy green.

Yes I thought a panther! Great effects Teddi, I like it.

Is this kilnsey cragg. Great place for photography and painting.....nice one

Smashing composition of an obviously well known place Teddi. Your colours are well chosen.<br />That rock looks very dauntingto walk under.

Thanks, everyone. Yes, Kilnsey Crag is daunting - but lots of climbers tackle it because the overhang is something of a challenge. The picture may be slightly exaggerated, but not much!

very mixed media .. and very good too.

Reiterating all comments and asking: Is the brightness acrylic ink?

The brightest area is tissue paper. In fact, acrylic is one of the few things I didn&#39;t throw at this! It started out many years ago as a pen and ink drawing. I found it whilst having a sort out and added tissue collage. The sky went so wrong that I eventually cut it out. After a few attempts at salvaging the picture, I ended up using pastels on tissue and sticking the cutout image on top. Sometimes it&#39;s easier just to throw them away, but I really liked the rock effect. Thanks for your interest.

Hang on Studio Wall

very mixed media

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