General Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton

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A bit of a departure from your usual Susan. I would dispute your use of the word "practicing". You have achieved a very fine portrait and one you should be proud of.

Thank you for your kind comment Steve, it is much appreciated and very encouraging. I'll keep practicing.

Very different from your previous work (a lot of which I like as well as you know) but this is stunning.

I often comment and like all your super portraits Heather, so praise indeed! Thank you for such a lovely, encouraging comment.

Yes you have a natural talent Susan always admire your work

Thank you so much for the encouragement Dennis. I always value your comments and likewise, I enjoy looking at your work, you may it look so easy when it's anything but!

Wonderful start with acrylics, your practice goes very fast, Susan.

Thank you very much Cesare. Your portraits are excellent so your comment is very encouraging.

Excellent portrait Susan, he looks a very noble chap.

A noble fellow indeed Fiona. Thank you very much for your encouraging comment, it's much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Practicing portrait painting. Done in acrylics.

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