Magical Venice

Magical Venice

Vibrant and Engaging!

Well done ,very dramatic , you enjoyed yourself with the paint !

Thank you Skyler for your comment, it's much appreciated. Haha without doubt I enjoyed myself with the paint Trevor! So thank you very much too for your encouraging comment and support and of course providing the inspiration.

Well it's a brave move to add those colours Susan, something I always like to see from artist's. We see so many 'all the same' visions of Santa Maria D S, which frankly can be so boring.

I like it Susan, maybe 'because' of the vibrant color. It gives the painting the 'magical' quality of the title.

Thank you Alan and Lewis for your welcome comments. I do like to use vibrant colour in my paintings, but quite often tone things down (a bit!) I didn't hold back on this one, my aim was to try and make it surreal and magical, which I hope I'd achieved. So both of your comments are very encouraging and most appreciated.

Magical painting - beautiful colour..........

Thank you Shaun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted in acrylic, this one’s for POL member Trevor Lawrence. I was really impressed by a recent beautiful painting of his ‘The Gondolier’ which Trevor did as a painting demonstration and then presented it to the Antrim Art Club. Well, I just had to have a go and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process even though I probably got a little too carried away with vibrant colours and the romance of it all by putting a mandolin player in the gondola! Hence mine’s called Magical Venice. So thank you Trevor for inspiring me and encouraging me to post.

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