Me - final day


Excellent self portrait Stuart, wrinkles and all.

You've " emerged" from the paper, Stuart. Good one - It would be interesting to see a colour version.

Really good self portrait Stuart.

Have really enjoyed seeing the process and the final drawing is excellent

Excellent portrait Stuart, as are all of yours.

Some great highlights and shadows showing interesting features.

Wonderful result, Stuart.

Enjoyed seeing this progress. Nice one.

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A5 charcoal drawing on grey paper. I think this is done. This was a good exercise. Normally I would enjoy drawing someone with lots of 'character' lines on their face but when it is yourself it is a different matter. When you are near 3 score years and 10 you have to expect one or two I suppose. If I did it again I might alter the lighting and do a coloured version. At the moment we have time to do that. Just noticed the right eye is a little out!

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Stuart Fairlamb

Retired teacher ( thankfully ) spending time drawing/painting from life. The 3 hours goes so quickly when you are concentrating on the model.

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