Old Gormless, Burnley 1897

Old Gormless, Burnley 1897

Like this a lot Stephen, and the humour thst goes with the painting.

Thanks Paul. It was returned to the same spot some years ago . . . but the buildings look a little different now and the tram lines have long-gone.

This has a lovely quality to it

Super! I was born in Burnley. Fond memories.

I like this painting very much - love the colour tones you have used.

Nicely done Stephen.

Thank you for your comments, Heather, Shirley, David and George. Not yet worked-out how to reply to individuals if there are several people submitting comments, so you will have to share a 'package-response'. Like you, Shirley, I was born in Burnley but now live on another island in the South Pacific . . . New Zealand.

Hang on Studio Wall

The single gas light in the centre of town, standing silently and alone, lacking any sense or initiative . . . hence 'gormless'

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