Supporting the NHS - Penguin Plunge

Penguin Plunge

I think it's a success Linda, comical chaps indeed. The sea looks fine also, a very cold look to it.

Thanks Alan. I will just put it under the category of "Could have done better". My husband's photo however, has had over 200 likes on National Geographic. Even the editor faved it. it is easier to find on

Thank you Margaret.

Nice movement in the penguins Linda

Thanks Linda - Perhaps I should have called it Waddling Adelees.

I like how they're ready to hop into the water bit like dominos. Lovely colour. I was just about to paint (one of these days) some penguins. Now I'm a bit intimidated seeing your lovely work.

Posted on Thu 08 Feb 17:31:50

Go for it, Ibolya! If I were going for penguins again, I wouldn't paint so many. But there are 17 species of pens to choose from.

Thanks Carole. All comments are appreciated.

An excellent painting Linda and the sea is very good indeed

Many thanks Dermot.

Really like it Linda. As Alan said the sea does have that cold look.

Just looked at your husbands wonderful photographs . Great inspiration for you Linda. This is a fun take from his photo .

As you have probably seen , Ray takes loads of photos on our holidays and jaunts. It takes him weeks to edit them when we get back as he edits them in " Photoshop". I take loads of photos too, but edit them on Apple "Photos", which is much quicker. His extra time pays off, but don't take pictures just for the sake of the photo. I take them as inspiration for painting, so it doesn't matter if stray objects are in there or not.

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From my husbands photo taken in Antarctica last year. It's hard not to make them look like cartoon characters. The sea did not work out as planned on this cotton paper. I tried the clingfilm method, but it did not work out at all.

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