Chinese Corgi 2

Chinese Corgi 2

i think i am thick, because i cannot tell any difference between the two :-p you are very good at capturing animals :-)

The background is different ... a greyish tone rather than the blue; actually, I like both of them..... just to be helpful.... You could of course wait until it's all dried and then glaze it again - this could be the painting version of the coat of many colours; if I were you, which I ain't, though - I'd call it done, and start something new: before you start fiddling it to death. (And then again, would I....? I'm confusing myself, now....)

Thanks for the comments Robert and Rebecca. Yes Robert, I neutralised the wall to reduce the jarring with the ears, made the wall lighter at the top than the bottom so that there would still be a difference in tone between the wall and his fur. I gave him more highlight on his fur, to make him stand out more. Lightened the foreground a little to make it come forward. I also made the fking paint a little lighter to make it stand out from the wood. So no more fiddling - he is done - first Oil painting complete!

I'm intrigued by what the word was meant to be on the third line from the bottom - "also made the fking paint a little lighter".... granted I've had a little wine with my curry this evening, but I just can't make it mean anything but the horribly obvious, which I bet wasn't what you meant at all...........

OOps! Well spotted! Apologies for my typing. Of course the horribly obvious is "flaking". I touch type, but unfortunately, not very well and I don't always wear my reading glasses.. I'm surprised nobody picked me up on another howler attached to a different picture, where I said that it was on bonkingford paper!

Hang on Studio Wall

I've adjusted this painting. I'm not sure if he is better or worse. what do you think?

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