You've done well considering the handicap under which you laboured .... this is of no help if you haven't got any, but a hard white conté crayon often works better than a soft white pastel; the blackboard chalk would probably have been the next best thing. I don't work often in pastel, but have hit the same sort of problem in the past. The only other thing would have been to have fixed the painting before applying the white - probably you tried that and it didn't work, but just in case you didn't. The result doesn't betray the horrendous struggle you had, anyway, so it's all come right in the end.

The end result is great. I agree with Robert. this picture does not betray your struggle with it. In fact it is quite a calm, serene pastle. Well done .

Thanks for your kind comments folks. You are right Robert, I did fix the painting before applying the white. But it still didn't work. I guess it will have to be cretacolour if there is a next time.

perhaps a nightmare for you, but i think this is one of my favourites you have created :-)

An afternoons work!!!!! this would take me 2 days using pencil crayons which is my media. I think this is a beautiful piece of work, one of my favourites absolutely well done

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What a Nightmare! I decided to take the challenge and copy the wolf in the May edition. I thought that my Derwent pastel pencils would be OK, even though I only had some grey paper from a scrapbook to hand. Starting at the left ear, I used the black pencil as instructed, only to find that the white would not go on top as the black was too waxy. As I had sketched out the whole picture in faint black, This was a problem from start to finish. I had to change my modus operandi,ignore the instructions and work from light to dark and use blackboard chalk for the whites. What a challenge! but it was all over in an afternoon and gave me something to do whilst Husband watched the football!

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