Akamas Peninsula - Cyprus


Wow! What a gorgeous sky, the depth of colour in the whole piece, especially the sea, is absolutely lovely, Shaun

The colours are so beautiful, you have captured everything perfectly, it really gives you the feeling of being there.

Super work Shaun

Somewhere we would all like to be Shaun. The colours and tranquility of this scene are so inviting.

Lovely variation of marks and tone, very nicely done!

Fabulous pastel drawing Shaun, your trademark style of course with those bold complimentary colours.

Great picture, wonderful colours.

fabulous colours - really like this.

When I look at your paintings Shaun, I want to study every mark. The way you build up shape and forms with strokes of pastel is amazing. Superb.

Thank you - Thalia, Carole, Linda, Heather, Seok, Alan, Andrew, Hilary and Fiona - your comments are really appreciated.

Thank you Diane.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic and Pastels on sanded board * Taken from a sketch made on our last walk at this beautiful place before we returned to the U.K. in December.

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Shaun Byatt

I try to achieve vibrant colours in my paintings. I work intuitively with large flat brushes - I also try not to overwork my pictures and they are often completed in two sittings. I use good quality acrylics because of their excellent pigment content. I like to interpret what i see in front of me…

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