Radipole Park - Weymouth


Love how you have depicted the orange in the trees and in the foreground, harmonising the overall painting Shaun.

Absolutely gorgeous array of shadow and sun, love it, Shaun

This is a beauty Shaun, and that contrasting saturated blue sky is tremendous!

Wow Shaun, this is exceptional....love it, for all the reasons already stated.

Lovely painting Shaun. Do those lines disappear when the varnish is dry?

Thank you Carole, Thalia, Alan and Fiona. Diane - they haven’t - it’s frustrating!!!

Referring to your comments below - or probably above, depending where this one goes! I rather like the lines on the face of the painting - they presumably are only visible from certain angles, at least to this extent? The issue - if it's troublesome - is thin paint on a textured ground: the texture gives you plenty of tooth, and can enliven the surface, but you'd need thicker, heavy bodied paint if you wanted to conceal it.

Robert - Many thanks for your comment very constructive but it continues to bother me - I think I will take your advice and apply thicker paint - thank you once again for your interest. Great to here from fellow artists.

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Two ‘socially distancing’ people wandering through this beautiful park. Sorry about the reflections - I should have photographed this before I varnished it!!!!

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