‘Cruise Ships at Anchor in Weymouth Bay’ - Sunrise.


Lovely scene.

You’ve captured this vibrant sunrise superbly Shaun, tremendous range of colours going on throughout!

This is stunning Shaun and almost tangible. Love the strength and vividness of your colours and those ships dominating the horizon.

Scandalously decadent sunrise Shaun....and fabulous to boot!

Many thanks: Denise, Alan, Carole and Fiona.

Terrific painting Shaun!

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic under painting and oils on board. 20x16ins * This is what we see daily on our ‘lockdown’ walk. These are some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

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Shaun Byatt

I try to achieve vibrant colours in my paintings. I work intuitively with large flat brushes - I also try not to overwork my pictures and they are often completed in two sittings. I use good quality acrylics because of their excellent pigment content. I like to interpret what i see in front of me…

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