Cherries and Lemon from our village here in Cyprus.


Very good Shaun, l really like how you use colour

This verges on the use of pointalism Shaun and achieves 3D imaging. You are a wizard with your handling of colour and have achieved such a dazzling, appealing cameo, of a beautiful still life.

Lovely use of colour, Shaun

Many thanks - Once again, Heather, Thalia and Carole.

Beautifully done Shaun.

Stunning Shaun! I absolutely love that lemon.

Thank you Diane and Fiona.

The dark background really makes this a terrific painting.

Thank you Chrissie - yes I like using a dark background especially with still lives.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on black Mien Touché textured paper.

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Shaun Byatt

I try to achieve vibrant colours in my paintings. I work intuitively with large flat brushes - I also try not to overwork my pictures and they are often completed in two sittings. I use good quality acrylics because of their excellent pigment content. I like to interpret what i see in front of me…

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