To the church

To the church

Well, the wash & pen approach has worked very well Sarah. Think you should as(spire) to a full blown watercolour of this scene with some spring colour in the trees.

Thank you Michael, that made me chuckle, and it's a good idea you have too!

Whatever works for you Sarah, I prefer to do my drawing first. This has a lovely feel to it, nice job!

Thank you very much Alan. I am an ink first person normally, this was interesting because it made me think about how much to add afterwards! Thanks again much appreciated.

Lovely - I've tried both ways with ink and wash - sometimes adding ink at the end when I hadn't intended to use any at all.

Thank you Hilary and I agree with what you say - not sure I had pen in mind when I started this! Thanks again.

That is very nicely done!!

I think it works very well in terms of pen after wash, super colours too

It worked really well Sarah, like your choice of colours.

Love it Sarah whichever way round you accomplished. I especially like your directional strokes of the ink and the watercolour. I do a bit of both…..I draw the main elements in ink then wash, adding a bit more detail after it’s dry. I also start off doing a watercolour, then don’t like it, so the pen and ink come to the rescue.

Very nice Sarah.

Really lovely Sarah, beautiful colours, marks and I like the distant grey.

Lovely work Sarah and colours

Thank you very much David, Heather, Paul, Fiona, Denise, Carole and Faye - love reading your comments. It's interesting to hear what other people do and what works for them, so thanks for that too.

A very nice line and wash. Super colours too.

Delicate colours, excellent.

David and Stephen, thank you very much for your comments- really appreciate them.

Lovely job with this Sarah not tried this style before but i think its best left to the experts your brilliant at it😉👍

We were writing at the same time there Keith! You are so kind but you should have a go too! It's actually easier than trying to a ' proper' watercolour because you can be less precise, which suits me down to the ground!! Thank you so much for your comment.

Very well done Sarah. A very good composition indeed. Lovely pallette too.

Very many thanks Chris.

Well it really works Sarah- I love the way you’ve used the colour.

Thank you very much Rachel!

Lovely painting with beautiful effects

Thank you Romila - much appreciated!

This is lovely Sarah.

Thank you so much Carrie!

Super pen and wash Sarah - beautifully done.

Thank you very much Dympna- I really appreciate your comment!

It turned out beautifully Sarah : )

Thank you very much Diane!

Hang on Studio Wall

A very quick pen and wash of my local church again, from the other side of the river. I tried doing the was first and then the pen afterwards which I haven't done before.

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