Burton Dasset Church

Burton Dasset Church

Great stuff. Churches are truly wonderful places and I look forward to you next visit , Rupert.

Lovely light and atmosphere.

Great painting Rupert, you got a way to create great atmosphere in your interiors.

Real feeling of peace in this one Rupert.

Thanks for the comments. The atmosphere is really already there. I find that it resides in the detail and the out of the way corners rather than in, what for me, are the more obvious views. Having said that, the time of day is also important. The end of an overcast, October day is almost certainly going to provide atmosphere.

Beautiful artwork, Rupert!

Really love this, Rupert. The ‘looseness’ thing you were talking about - you have it always!

Hang on Studio Wall

8 x 12 inch pochade, oil on board. This is actually a very big and austere church looking out from its hill side position onto a vast panorama of middle England. For a large, empty building at the end of the afternoon, I found it surprisingly noisy with the sounds of bumps, scrapes and bangs.

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