Portrait (Tutorial)

Portrait (Tutorial)

Richard, you’ve done a hell of a lot better than I could do. I detest doing portraits, I’m rubbish! Well done for having a go, not only the subject but using pencil as well. Don’t stop here, have another go, I think you will be surprised at your next shot!

It's daunting to go out of your comfort Zone so well done Richard. There are a lot of people who won't try for fear of failure. Sometimes you win, sometimes you feel you don't but you always learn something. Agree with Fiona, keep doing it. You've got the angle right here , just maybe the proportion of the nose not quite.

First attempts at both? They're fine Richard. Practise is all you need. Marjorie's right about the nose but if it's pencil it can easily be erased, rectified and re-drawn in a bit lighter. A very good first stab.

Well done Richard, for having a go and the result. You should be pleased with this, it should encourage you to do more.

You have done well as its a first, I find portraits on of the most difficult things to do to the point of avoiding doing one. I’m always fearful that if I try and do someone it wouldn’t look anything like the,.

Yes well done for branching out Richard

Its all an adventure Richard, if you see what you like then draw it! This is good.

Thanks everybody for your comments, always pleasing when you try something different. I take the point about the "nose" - didn't notice that until you pointed it out - Good advice, Thanks.

Good for you Richard!

I like the angle of the head and the eye it does have a lovely feminine quality to it. Well done indeed.

Thanks Heather and Dennis. Going to try another one this week when time allows.

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2 different things from me . Portrait and a Pencil Sketch On A4 Sketchpad. Not done a portrait before and have not done a Pencil Sketch for a year or two. Quite but not totally pleased. The hair was a lot easier to do than the face !!!

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