Corner of a field


Beautifully painted Richard

It’s excellent Richard , it has a lovely soft look to it . At first glance I thought it was pastel, I like it as it is because of the lightness of the paint .

Beautiful in its simplicity.

I think it works a treat, has a lovely quality to it

Love the softness of the foliage and the figures in the archway. This has a lovely atmosphere about it Richard.

I like the softness of the trees, and they are well painted. I think the light pink works very well in the foreground, possibly tone down the pink near the figures and the base of the trees on the left, with a soft blue/grey glaze?This would help with atmospheric perspective, but it's only my personal opinion !

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Acrylic on 10 x 8 in board. Tried using glazes but not sure they were appropriate to this painting. Comments?

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