Thea's Challenge

Thea's Challenge

And what a good outcome and, unlike me you didn't cheat -

I think this portrait has a real look of the Picasso school of art and has a certain something about it. I bet if we were all to put our portraits into some art snob competition, the judges would think that we all had something important to say about the human face - seriously - I jest not!!

And you've kept the pen on the paper which wouldn't have been easy. All these faces are wonderful and indeed, almost Picasso like!

I've loved seeing these 'selfie's' Sarah and yours is great! I enjoy these challenges, they make you think so thanks to Thea.

Well done Sarah! Your's is great! I love the upturned eyes and red cheeks!

Thank you everyone for such nice comments! I must say that I enjoyed this challenge very much! Good thinking Thea! It would be interesting to see a landscape or still life put together in the same way! Hmmmmmm... Now there's a thought!

The thought had crossed my mind too Sarah!

Great minds Louise! LOL! Let's do it and see what we end up with! Yours will be brilliantly imaginative as ever :) . If anybody else reads this please join in too.

Looking forward to seeing it Satu :)

Strangely attractive Sarah!

Strange, very strange! As I say, Halloween is just around the corner :) Debs have a go! It's great fun!

Lol! Gudrun I'm not too sure myself!

Hang on Studio Wall

Managed not to look up, hence one side is much higher than the other! Strangely, I like the line work and I guess it's very appropriate so close to Haloween :)

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