I’m Off Fishing

I’m Off Fishing

I like this very much John. I can still see your pastel style influence in the trees in the background, the flashes of colour. The figure is excellent too.

I don't know anything about digital painting John, but it looks good to me.

Know nowt about digital all painting , so not sure what I'm commenting on, I just know it looks great. !!

Thanks Fiona,Linda, and Andre. This was not that difficult, a lot of flat areas on it. I am trying a landscape with heather, grasses and trees but it’s not coming out as I would like. But it’s a learning curve so will get there. It’s only another medium.

Just look at the movement in that. Great stuff!

This is a great painting whatever the medium. I just think it's a slight shame the angle of the rod means it gets a bit lost in between the edge of the field and the trees, but it's a small point.

That is a very purposeful stride, and a strong picture, John!

Thanks Chandra, yes Annie thanks for mentioning that. I did notice just before uploading it , the rod needed to be a bit higher or lower.

Works do well John, I wasn't sure of the medium, so was surprised it was done on an iPad! I find working on my iPad much harder than using watercolour or pastel, mind you I had a 25 year start with those mediums!

Thanks Stephen. I did do digital art years back and stopped because I do not like spendlng hours looking onto a computer screen. It’s much the same with the iPad. Maybe it’s the light they generate. But then again you are focusing all the time on the screen and for long periods at a time. However give me a canvas or paper and when finished I am fine and satisfied. On the computer I feel I have been worked over lol.

John, I absolutely love this and am amazed that it is digital......

PS; Loved reading your selfie on "About the Artist" John, quite fascinating....Perhaps this fisherman might happily stride through your bathroom ....!!

John, your talent knows no bounds and this just shows what you can do. I have just briefly tried digital painting with a programme on my computer but could not seem to control the brushes so well done you!!

Thanks Ruth, think he would stride through anything. Lol.

I would imagine that digital art is pretty difficult. I really like this and the pastel marking and blending is so effective. I like the clarity of the man against his background and there is tremendous movement there.

Thanks Margaret. Chose any brush, don’t be concerned what it’s for. You are looking for one that makes the marks you can work with. Take no notice of the names.

A cracker John I must agree about the rod I wouldn't know where to start but so many possibilities. a great way to learn

Thanks Diana, I would say it’s the same, not more difficult. Like any other medium you have to learn to control it that’s all.

Thanks Dennis,that rod is glaring at me now, lol

Thanks Dennis,that rod is glaring at me now, lol

Great work John, full of movement

I like it very much too John.

good composition and detail ..but not sure im a fan of digital painting I prefer using brushes myself , but hey it maybe the way forwards

Super piece John.

Cos it is digital cannot you raise the rod John ? I wouldn’t know. But it’s a fab pic.

Thank you Petra, Michael, Anne, Kal and Sylvia.

Sylvia yes I could have altered it just like when you use oils or whatever. I noticed the rod as I was about to upload, and just though oh leave it.

I would never have guessed this was a digital painting John. Just shows you if one is a good artist it does not matter what medium you use. Love the blended background contrasting with the sharp purposeful stride of the fisherman. Interesting question, hmmm. If you do more it might well do, we shall see.

Lovely painting John well done

Brilliant John but please don't cease to produce your lovely pastel paintings!

Great painting John - "digital" - What's that!!!😁

Thanks Adele. It’s Doing art or painting on a computer or iPad

I'll echo Russel's comment . Those pastels are super.

Posted by T H on Sun 26 Nov 20:07:01

I like what you have done with the digital program - has worked very well.

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Digital painting on Procreate iPad program. Seen this man on more than one occasion in the park striding along down to the lake. Getting used to the painting. I wonder if it will influence and change my style?

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