The Old Year Embraces The New

The Old Year Embraces The New

Seamless edges, splendid tones and colours and clever brushwork John.

A well justified purchase the lady knew a thing or three, John! Tremendous piece of painting, saying so much! Love it! Exactly as Michael says!

A little "snapshot" of something beautiful.

Lovely tones and colours as Michael says, the purchaser is one savvy lady.

Super piece yet again John, instantly recognisable as your work which is the ultimate compliment perhaps?

Good work John, the grass is superbly painted.

Lovely shades of green which you paint so well, it's got such a modern feel to it, love it 😀

How lovely John. I can quite understand that lady's choice, it's a beauty.

Thank you Michael, Thalia, Marjorie, Sandra, Russell, Cesare, Linda and Margaret. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

I am not surprised it disappeared to someone else's home. This is one of my favourites of yours.

This attracted me John, really nice colours..

Very well painted John, love the brush scratch effect, very effective indeed

Beautifully captured vision, and very special that some one else shared your vision john.

Thank you Gudrun, Carole, David and Fiona. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

I love the different greens and the marks.

Wonderful interpretation of the old and the new John. Yet again it sparkles.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Oil on canvas board. Size 10x8 inches. Brush and scratch effect. I was out one sunny spring morning and could see these sparkling objects moving in the breeze. Getting closer I realised they were just last years cow parsley storks competing with the new spring growth. Sometime later a lady visited my in house art gallery and on seeing the piece was immediately drawn to it and indeed took it home. Its now framed and on her wall. Fortunately I have a file of it because there is something I like about it myself.

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