Portrait Sketch

Portrait Sketch

It's that bloke again. Cracking work, John.

Some great spontaneous brush work John, and I do like this style of painting.

I passed you in the gallery John and I thought hmmm I have seen this chap somewhere before lol. Love the skin tones and your over blue eyes and the purple in your ear.

I can see the likeness John, good work.

The likeness is there John, you have painted a super selfie!

Good likeness John.

That's a really stunning portrait sketch...who could those eyes enthrall!

Clever and very interesting!

I can see the likeness.

We nearly got a smile on this one John.......

Thank you folks for the feedback it is very much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on primed cartridge paper. Size 30x21cm. One hour sketch in front of a mirror. The eyes are over blue, but I rarely go back and do corrections.

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