Yes It Is

Yes It Is

Very good indeed John! Eyes brilliantly done, as are the specs. Skin tones perfect - impressed! How big?

Super portrait, John.

Very good John but you could have painted your nice smile.

Your portraits are superb, John. Amazing for two hours, I'm fairly quick but can't imagine producing anything this good in that time...especial in oils.

You are looking very serious here John, brilliant portrait!

That's a very serious expression John but a well painted portrait 😀

What a great portrait John, especially those eyes.

I would be proud of that.....

Thank you Seth, Sandra, Lewis, Margaret, Linda, val, and Peter. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

I like it a lot John, and in just two hours, very impressed.

Great portrait work John, and although I've never met you, there's a character there I think I would recognise if I did. Nice work.

Stunning, John! Just superb!

Very good portrait, John.

Well hello John! Accomplished portrait for a couple of the palette.

Yes it’s got to be you with that mop of glowing hair... the eyes are just right. In fact the whole portrait works so well.

Oh no it’s not! Lol. Yes of course it is. Super portrait John, Tis all in the eyes and of course that lively hair colour.

Well done John! It's hard to paint a portrait but you have done a super job here.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on primed cartridge paper. Size A4. A two hour exercise.

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