Splash, Splash

Splash, Splash

The balance of light and shade in this painting are perfect. Great colours too!......Linda AKA Splosh.

Lovely vibrancy and skill John. Any chance of having a pint of yer blood?

Thanks Linda, It not bad but not perfect. Thanks Michael. I have been asked for many things but not me blood. lol. Thanks for you comments.

Brilliant John amazing as always.

excellent work John love the foreground and the recession towards the figure in the distance you have also caught the light beautifully the hare makes stop to look .

John I'm re looking at yours in case you come back with some witty comment lol

Another great John I love birches lovely

Thanks Jenny. Thanks David, yes we used to see the hare, but I put him in here to stop the viewer going straight to the back of the painting. Thanks Dennis I love birches as well.

I may upset a few people here John but, to me it's not always about making money. This is beautiful but I am not brave like you and go wading in the water. Those leaves look really beautiful.

Thanks Adele. I say love your art first and respect it. Then take it from there.

"And with each gust of bitter wind That sweeps the forest floor Another ember fades and falls, 'till at last there are no more" Not only do the embers light up this painting John the birch trees are centre stage. I'm envious of your caligraphy of tree branches, somethning I hope to get into my WIP 'greens'. Talking of greens, I love that spring green to the right of the birch tree.

a fabulous painting

Beautiful compoistion and colours John!

So vibrant John.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on canvas box frame. Size 12x10 inches. This is a track of a once victorian railway line. It extends about a third of a mile up from this viewpoint. Seen here in November. On a bright morning the leaves have socked up the water and turned a beautiful crimson colour. The track is in between two farmers field and the water drains off and on to track. By the time you get to the bottom of the pathway you can be knee deep in water. Great fun for dogs and dog walkers alike. Echo is not keen on a bath but will play in it all day out walking. I did this piece on canvas but as I was putting in a lot of detail I realised it would have been better to have done it on a smooth surface. The hare on the right is one we saw hopping in our direction. Twice I have turned down offers for this painting, not a very good sales man am I. lol

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