The Little Copse

The Little Copse

You certainly get the full impact of the old trees. I really like the variations in the tree branches and trunks, and that russet colour of autumn.

Great colours and texture in the old trees John.

Great detail in the trees John, super painting

I can see why it's a favourite, lots of character and I love the calligraphy of the twigs and branches.

For me the contrasts: meadow, trees, sky in colour as well as in structure makes it. You can feel the tenson of the storm and the trees, where the trees visibly gave credit to it. It is like a parabel for life. Isn´t it John?

Posted by Holger . on Sun 17 Apr 19:53:02

Agree beautiful piece John

Thank you, Gudrun, Sarah, Russell, Fiona, and Dennis. Holger such poetic words, "a parable for life." Made my day complete.

I need to see this on a big screen to see the full impact of the wonderful textures of those trees. Lovely study. Your trees have a lot of character Diana

Great painting, John, love the detailing in the trees and the patches of really warm colour.

Great use of contrasting colours.

Posted by T H on Mon 18 Apr 17:21:48

Super painting John, you have managed to capture that wonderful glow which occurs as the sky darkens.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of my little babies. Seen in the heart of winter. This small copse of trees are very mature and have wonderful twisted branches and cracked tree trunks. On this particular day the sky was a beautiful but stormy blue. Totally irritable for a painting. Oil on canvas box frame. Size 12x10 inches.

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