The Secret Place

The Secret Place

Beautiful light and shade, John. I like the little note of light on a fern at bottom right.

beautiful light and colour very evocative and very well painted John

The blue of those bluebells is magnificent, as is the loss of definition leading towards the light. I've just finished a lower key painting which I found challenging but quite satisfying in the end. I'm ready now to do one like this!

Beautiful! It must have taken ages to paint! Full of energy.

Fantastic John, a kaleidoscope of light and colour!

Superb John amazing light and colour .Beautiful

Thank you for sharing your secret place's a beautiful place and beautifully painted. That blue is outstanding.

I wish I could go there and explore what makes your art alive...!!!

Beautiful, John. (Where on the Surrey Downs is it - or is it too secret to tell?!)

Thank you for your comments folks, Caroline, David, Marjorie, Sarah, Russell, Dennis, Fiona, Manashree and Jenny. Jenny it is not a secret. You just have to be there at the right time and it needs to be a bright sunny early morning. When the sun has got to high its gone. All you see is bluebells in shade looking a bit dull. All I can say is the area is opposite Box Hill. I use to rome miles over the place. But now is the time to be out there. A place I remember there is Noah wood. A beautiful lake surrounded by bluebells. Never got a painting of it. I was not satisfied with my effort. Paintings are like music or poetry. Some are good, some wonderful. Other you just don't seem to hit the right notes. But I always say now. Let the art show you. That way you do not get what they call creative block. A silly expression at that.

Why dont you write blogs.. You have very unique and inspirational thinking towards life..its practical and acceptable.. Your gallery is a unique collection of masterpieces... Whenever I just have a glance over your work, it reminds me of Leonardo da vinci... you have such mastery and perfection in your execution which reflects how skilled and polished you are.. Your art is 100% original which reflects that your soul is creative and you have some kind of x-factor in your creativity which brings innovation every time.. Trust me, one day you will be known as one of the great artists of the world... Keep up the great work..

Love it John, can almost smell those bluebells.

A lovely dramatic piece, with excellent atmosphere.

Another lover of bluebells.....and texture.

just seen the red bits....dont they work well !

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the secret place. In Foot Path to the Secret Place yesterdays upload you can see a bright green patch just off centre. This todays painting is what you would encounter between 7 and 8.30am on a bright sunny morning out on the Surrey Downs. My brother did not think my painting told the truth so he went one morning to look for himself. He said,”yes its just like in your painting.” Oil on canvas board. Size 24x20 inches.

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