He's beautiful! The green works well as a back drop to the deep red browns of his fur!!

A lovely portrait of Muffin, John.

Great image. I see the tongue out and I hear the panting John.

You really have captured the look well John, even the panting tongue looks good, difficult to paint 😀

Spaniels....always with their tongues out, and the waggy tail, of course. He’s lovely, John.

he is a beauty .. a good portrait too !

That's a typical Springer 'look' John, which you have painted so well.

I am not a lover of animal portraits unless they are like this. Love the green.

Thank you Thalia, Jenifer, Michael, Linda, Ellen, Anne, Margaret, and Gudrun. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Wonderful portrait of Muffin John, a very happy face.

He's very appealing indeed, John.

Unusual subject for you, John, but well painted.

Extremely lovely detail In this beautiful portrait of Muffin John. Love the vibrant background.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas box frame. 20x 20cm. Echo and I used to meet Muffin at the park. A very young dog we watched her grow up. The dogs played out on a vast green area. That’s why I placed the green in the background.

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