Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

That expression is priceless John. Exactly right...Gouache has worked really well for this chap/ess They are slightly mad dogs....

Oh yes. Very good. That dog eye to human eye contact is priceless. Well caught

A great image, John. I can see why you wanted to paint the dog. There is great variety in your work, and that's admirable. I must get some gouache.

He has a cheeky expression John. I like the background grass as well.

Love his/her expression.

its those eyes you have caught that expression all dog lovers know

So well captured with that expression John, it's a superb piece.

Thank you Sylvia, David, Lewis, Louise, Sandra, Dennis, and Alan. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Great feeling of movement John. You have made him look rather fierce, showing so much white in the right eye. Not knowing the dog, perhaps it is a fiery animal.

Hi Carole, No the dog is not fierce at all its just that split second expression. It was the eye contact that fired my interest in painting the dog. Plus it is carrying a ball and showing its teeth. No its a beautiful dog. Never keeps still though. Thats springers lol. Thank you for your comment, appreciated.

Excellent painting of a fabulous expression! I can understand why you kept this image for when the time was right.

John, this is a typical spaniel pose! He's saying "I've got it just you try and get it off me!" We have always had springer spaniels but now have a cocker. You have painted this beautifully and I like the grass too!

Looks fabulous John, really lovely fur and spot on colour.

My daughter's new rescue dog has this expression very funny.

Thanks Margaret. I have a spaniel and a cocker. That’s because my dog is a cross of the two, and he is all brown.

Thanks Carole. They are lovely dogs so much fun, and they just can’t sit down for a second.

Really good expression on his face John, looks like he's saying catch me if you can.

The expression is perfect, John. He looks like my daughter’s Cocker Spaniel with a ball permanently in his mouth (although ‘Billy’ is black, and he’s bonkers)

This is great John, I like the detail and the grass, I'm just completing a painting that includes grass and it's something I always find difficult to portray.

Wonderful expression. i would have put a red ball in his mouth - but good painting.

Brilliantly captured John. The eye says it all.

Hang on Studio Wall

About 18 months ago I got a super shot of this springer spaniel. A few months ago I became interested in gouache and it reminded me of this super image I got of the dog in the park. I thought the medium was just the think for the painting. I am not a big fan of doing detail but I did enjoy putting the fur on. The grass I did not pay much attention too. The size is A3 on cartridge paper.

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