Contented Little Waves


Love it. Reminds me of my home town of Portrush where the water ripples around the rocks similar to here.

So well composed. The sea's great, and that bird makes the painting. Excellent.

Love the title, John, and the entire scene looks perfectly contented. Great movement in the sea, in a relaxing sort of way. Bri

It's true, the bird makes it, as Lewis says. The colours are lovely too, especially that warm brown rock against the blue/green sea.

Thank you Gillian, Lewis, Brian and Marjorie. Your comments are Appreciated.

This is lovely John. So gentle and calm and very different from the turbulent views of the North Sea in my locality.

I can hear the gentle sound of these contented little waves John, wonderful. Beautifully painted bird and love the contrast of colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas board. 10x5inches 254x127mm. From my break in Anglesey. Contented little waves lapping over some rocks on a calm sunny afternoon. I did this piece to have a go at painting waves.

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