Steady On The ICE

Steady On The ICE

Beautiful gouache painting John, the one in the background seems a bit unsteady though 😊

Great John. Gouache works well for you...every time I see one of yours I think I must get some gouache.

Lovely colours John, 😀

I always love the colours of the male ducks. I like that one skating John!. Superbly represented.

I saw one of these on the roof of our neighbours: three storeys high. Love the expression.

He's got his beady eye on you John:) Nice to see some gouache, I don't use mine often enough. Great painting.

Superb painting John, I think he's dancing on ice!

Thank you Carole, Lewis, Linda, Alan, Gudrun, Val and Margaret. Your moments are appreciated.

Oops! They are great John.

Nice painting John. I like the one trying to keep his footing!


Posted on Fri 13 Apr 17:17:18

lovely ,brought a smile to my face

A real beauty, John!

Brilliant John, love how you have portrayed the ice.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Gouache, on cartridge paper. Size A4. The local Mallards had a hard time this winter as the lake completely froze solid. Taken from my own reference material.

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