Life In The Air

Life In The Air

There you go again John. Another stunning painting. So much detail on a 7x5. Love the way it is swooping down, just like it's darting at the viewer. Love the colours too.

Thanks Henry, your comment is appreciated.

the colours really sing just like the birdie John nicely drawn /painted

The birdie says your comment is appreciate, thank you Star man.

Ohh, life with a purpose in mind John. Gorgeous colours against the sky blues and tree branches backdrop.

Thank you Mary your comment is appreciated.

l Love it, especially the determined "I shall make it!" expression which fledglings often appear to have. Very brave really, to launch yourself into the wide open spaces, but how quickly they find their feet/ wings!! He is using all the air space he can gather under his wings here. Lovely. Like your complementary background too.

Nice painting, John, very dynamic.

Beautiful finch John. Love the colours on the tips of his wings.

Geronimo!!! You've caught the exhilaration perfectly John.

Nice one John lovely colours too !

Bet he's tweeting ' I can fly!!' Beautiful bird John.

Thank you Donna and Carole. appreciated.

Fabulous, John. The bird looks as though its about to fly off the canvas. Did you sit in your garden and capture this on camera first, or was it from memory? Either way its lovely.

Thank you Ellen. I used to spend many an hour with my camera aiming to capture birds in flight. I would capture them coming into the feeders. You need anticipation, lots of it lol. From suitable references I then painted the action.

Thanks for that info John. I spent an hour trying to take a photo of a humming bird when we went to Barbados in January. Needless to say....humming bird 1, me 0.

This is beautiful. It really captures your attention!

Love this - what seperates it from the more ordinary is the "being right up there with it" viewpoint - great work.

Love this - what seperates it from the more ordinary is the "being right up there with it" viewpoint - great work.

Thank you Sarah and Steve your comments are very much appreciated.

I feel I want to duck as it's coming right at me :) super painting John.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas board. 7 X 5 inches. Juvenile Greenfinch testing out its new wings.

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