Burning Planet.


This is excellent Denise and beautifully painted. Hope it didn’t take to long to clear up, certainly worth it to have such a great painting.

Wow! one can experience the combustion in this flare, great pour expression and successful Denise!

Exciting stuff Denise….it’s volcanic!

Reminds me in a small way of staring into a roaring fire and warming my hands. And the red glow on my face. Anyway a super painting.

That's brilliant, I love it.

What a wonderful effect.

Wow this is so effective Denise.

I think we have COPped it Denise. If this is a comment on climate change you should have had this on display in Glasgow. A powerful image.

Wow Denise, very effective and dramatic and very topical!

Very intriguing work with complex textures and lovely spontaneity, Denise.

This is very good. I don’t usually like pour paintings, but this really shows intention.

Your comments are much appreciated, thanks Paul, Angela, Fiona, Chris, Judith, Lewis, Carole, Michael, Tessa, Heather, Seok and Linda.

This is fabulous Denise. It’s so tactile and full of energy and also such a topical subject.

Thanks Carole.

That is quite spectacular!!

Very effective Denise. It's made a super painting.

Lovely Denise. 😊 very effective. Love it. Fab colours. Very messy though right.

Well depicted, Denise. I see an exploding volcano.

Thanks very much David, George, Faye and Ellen.

Love your choice of colours, Denise.

Love the beautiful vibrant colours Denise, you must be very pleased

Great colour choices and a really effective end result Denise.

This is fantastic Denise.

Very topical and extremely well executed I like your style.

Hang on Studio Wall

J haven't done an acrylic pour for a long time and when Faye posted on the other day, I remembered how creative and fun they are to do. I had a primed boxed canvas that I hadn't used and was just sitting there, so I used that. I had forgotten how very messy they are to do.

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