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I think you have done a fab job. Lovely dark and light. Very effective 👌 pretty cool

Like this a lot Denise , it must have been difficult with knives. The light and dark is really well painted and the shadows on the soldier's is really good . It has the closed in feel that happen in shelters etc. Well done for attempting such a difficult subject.

Agree you have made a good job of this Denise, well done.

A really challenging project Denise, especially using palette knives. You have produced an interesting, skilful painting with great use of lights and darks.

The more you experiment the more you learn. And I think you have achieved here Denise. Well done.

Love the concept! Lighting that is usually reserved for old masters.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, thanks Faye, Paul, David, Carole, Chris, Carole, Linda and Neil.

Well done you Denise, you've transferred this into colour extremely well and that's a great example of palette knife work, not an easy subject. Darks and lights handled really well

You’ve captured the light so well here Denise. Remember… palette or painting knives aren’t for detail, in fact any degree of detail is almost impossible to achieve!

Very atmospheric Denise.

Thanks very much Heather, Alan and Christine. Yes Alan, I found the figures difficult to do especially the face, it was difficult to get it looking like a face with a palette knife but I hope I just about managed it of some form anyway.

Very effective lighting.

You’ve really captured the dark and light, the small glow down the right side of the left hand figure’s face is fabulous. It tells a story of apprehension. Well done, Denise.

Really like the glow you’ve achieved- it’s really effective

I think you've used the palette knife really well, Denise. The marks and textures are interesting and you've used them well to suggest a very coherent scene.

Top marks to you Denise, you’ve done exceedingly well transferring your sketch into this super piece.

Thanks for your kind words Stephen, Ellen, Rachel, Seok and Fiona.

Found it Denise and agree with all the compliments! The light especially on the guy facing us is fantastic and the atmosphere great.

Thanks so much Tessa, much appreciated.

You did a great job!

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I've not tried to do very detailed work with a palette knife, this was more detailed than I usually do with the knives. It's a made up scene I sketched last night. This took me 11 hours to do, I've just finished it. I'm not sure if all those hours has brought the sketch to life a bit. It was good to push myself with the palette knives though, nothing is ever wasted. Done on canvas.

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