Watch the Birdie.


That is really lovely. You seemed to have mastered their use very well!

Really beautiful Denise, a great job.

Absolutely brilliant, beautifully done.

That's good,'s well worth persevering with the new pencils.

A lovely result for a first time Denise.

You’ve managed to use the pastel pencils very skilfully and captured a charming scene Denise.

What a super pic....brill.

You are doing very well, lovely pastel .

Excellent work Denise you have certainly cracked the pastel pencils 👌

Good job with the pastel pencils Denise, you seem to master everything you try😊

Beautifully drawn Denise, if I were you I would persist with them, you certainly seem to have done a wonderful pastel.

An excellent first try, so I'd say persevere. Charming picture and clever title. I do hope it is not too long before you are able to paint again, but you are certainly making very good use of this time.

I think this is fantastic Denise!

Thanks for your kind words and support David, Carole, Paul, Lewis, Fiona, Carole, Sylvia, Anne, Bari, Katy, David, Sandra and Diane.

Lovely pastel

Hang on Studio Wall
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I came across some really cheap pastel pencils yesterday. I've never thought of using them before but because I'm unable to paint at the moment I thought, I'll give them a try, even if I put them in the bin. I've just tried them out, I'm not sure if you use them like regular pencils or if you need to blend them. Anyway, it past a couple of hours. Not sure if I will use them again.

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