Pear and Apple.

I like it Denise, you have managed to get a real shine on your apple. The pear is a great shape and colours, I particularly like the stalk with that bit of brown around it on the skin ,that you sometimes get. The wet background doesn’t detract from the fruits but adds to the painting. Another Denise success , it’s great how its come right always worth stepping back to look, before dropping it in the bin.

Thanks Paul because it was heading for the bin. I kind of like the look of it now.

Looks pretty good to me. Excellent watercolour.

Some expressive wet in wet technique going on here Denise, well done!

Super Denise

This is good Denise, it’s so hard to paint in poor light but you’ve got a great result!

I can’t see how you ever thought this was a disaster Denise! It’s lovely and the rich colours on your apple are delicious!

Thanks so much for your kind comments Stephen, Alan, Heather, Katy and Tessa, I think it was part accident and part luck I got this result.

Certainly not a disaster Denise. There are some super washes, it’s a good still life.

Love the juicy looking fruits Denise.

That's great, Denise, I have to totally agree with Paul's whole comment here!

Love the bold use of background and shadow colors that really highlight the fruit. Looks like a very accomplished piece to me, Denise.

Much appreciated, You are so kind Fiona, Carole. Maureen, Thalia and Seok Yam Chew.

Good one Denise!

Love this one, looks good

Hang on Studio Wall

I had a bit of a practice at still life tonight and it was going very wrong. A friend said, stand back for a few minutes. I did that and carried on messing with it. I got this result. I quite liked it considering it was a disaster. I was working in dim light with a spot light on so that's why my colours are probably dark.

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