Victorian fog


An interesting application on the houses and effect of those fading out into the mist!

Clever stuff Nicholas!

Thanks people. In fact I'm having difficulty sourcing a kind of 'medium power' airbrush. I have a small very weak artists one ( which is on its way out anyway ) and a large heavy thing for backdrop painting, but it's so big and noisy it's the sort of thing you could spray a lorry with... If anyone can recommend a good medium-power airbrush, I would be most interested!

Hang on Studio Wall

This was for our production of 'Gaslight' so the requirement was for a very murky, dim set of houses. You can't quite see from the photo but in the gap is about 5 layers of housing, all getting dimmer with distance / increasing fog. The houses were brush painted and then the smog effect was airbrushed on.

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