Green alien landscape


More creative imagination on display - another good one Nicholas

I like your fantasy paintings today, this one in particular. I like the way you've handled the landscape, a good sense of distance, and your aliens are definitely aliens. Great.

Thanks - that's a good point - it's always frustrated me that 'aliens' in this kind of art (and TV and films) look like they are just slightly modified forms of human or animal anatomy - albeit dressed up with teeth and spikes etc. I guess trained artists stick to the shapes and dimensions they know well.. On the downside, my alien is probably not anatomically feasible, but on the upside, as you infer, at least it doesn't look like some guy in a Godzilla mask :-) I also don't like the fact that the vast majority of fantasy artists paint violent blood-thirsty creatures; what's wrong with a few chilled-out vegetarian ones? :-)

I like your landscape and love the idea of chilled out veg aliens.

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This was an early attempt at drawing different rock textures and a faded background but with a different colour of sky than blue. I was quite pleased by it but most of my friends and critics thought the second alien on top of the pillar to the right looked too much like a chicken drumstick. Ho hum.

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