The Last of the Chrisanthimums

The Last of the Chrisanthimums

Absolutely stunning - love the colours, the way you've painted it and that glass is great too

Lovely delicate work the jar is painted extremely well!

Really super - love the jar.

Lovely loose painting Nia..the limited palette works so well.

Beautiful colours.

Posted by Emma P on Tue 25 Feb 15:21:10

How very lovely, and beautifully painted, too!

Love the pink water. Super painting Nia.

Hang on Studio Wall

Id forgotten to post this weeks ago. Painted from life. OIl on panel. 18"x20"

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Nia Mackeown

I am a Welsh artist with a passion for painting “en plein air”. Working mainly in oils, I am inspired by many varied ideas and working methods, although I pay special attention to colour, light and imagery of everyday life. I have recently taken the step of working entirely from life which brings…

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