I like the composition and painting very much, makes one think about life. Is the soul emotional or intellectual, especially as revealed in this work of art.

Beautiful. Thought-provoking

Oh wow, really like your imagination

Thanks so much David! To me, the soul of a human being is one, both intellectual and emotional.

Thanks so much Belinda!

Thanks so much Heather!

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Acrylic on canvas 80x60 cm In the imperfection of the human being there is the perfection of the Universe. The life of a human being on Earth is marked by time, has a beginning and an end, but his soul is not, it is infinite. Our soul has no age, time does not exist. In life you can tap into this sense of infinity through Faith in God, Love, Art and through the Beauty of Nature. Let's dive into infinity every day and that moment will be fixed forever in our memory.

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Picture Size: 31,50" x 23,62"
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Nadia Spagnolo

I was born and raised in Lecce (Puglia), the most south-eastern area of ​​Italy. From an early age I drew, danced, sang but growing up I never had the opportunity to study these arts, because I was very hindered. Forced to leave art, I devoted myself to studies in Economics from high school to…

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