Is it safe to go on?


Very effective!!

Marvellous contrasts.

Beautiful deer, you have caught the pose very well. Love the composition and the bold simple washes too.

Very striking. Love the colours.

So vulnerable when they do this and a special moment captured really well

Very eye catching again Michael - the subject matter and the light.

This is beautifully painted Michael. The contrast between the light and darks, as well as the softness of the washes and combined with the natural alert stance of the deer…..perfect!

Looks like rain coming with the last bit of sunshine on grassy hill. The little roe deer knows! Lovely contrasts Michael.

I love your work on the grasses Michael.

What a delightful image skilfully simplified to the bare essentials and all the better for it.

Aww lovely painting. Works well

(The title can also apply to society at large.) Excellent light play in this.

Thank you all for your very complimentary remarks on this one. I was pleased with the light effect. However, I’m not totally convinced my roe deer passes muster. I don’t remember sitting the Roe Deer Drawing ‘O’ Level Exam in 1955 but reckon I probably failed 😎.

Superb. Love the way you have captured the light.

Lovely, Michael and so effective - love the light on the grasses!

Lovely painting

Love the grassy foreground, so well done indeed

Chris & Anne, Jon, Romila & Paul - so pleased you like this scene. Bit of luck involved in getting the feeling of light but sometimes you just get lucky!

Beautiful painting Michael.

Glad you like it Karen …… one or two happy accidents 🥱

Thank you Candy - only just seen your comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

A young roe deer emerges from cover, sniffs the air and wonders if it should proceed into the open............

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