Snow and ice


Lovely "cold" painting!!! Brrrrr...............

A beautifully painted scene Michael, I found like the colours you have used and you have achieved a lot of depth to the painting.

A little beauty here.

What a beauty - that coffee and biscuit certainly did the trick!

Thank you David, Paul, Faye and Heather. C+B is indispensable aid to watercolourist!

Cold, ice and snow perfectly portrayed in an excellent watercolour.

Smashing painting Michael.

Lovely painting - I especially like the distant hills

Love the cool greys and tones on this.

Who would have thought that a dull grey day could be turned into such a splendid painting.

I think it’s the biscuit that did the trick Michael, just imagine what two would have done! Love that flat grey that is so very much, Dreich, the left bank and trees are my particular favourite part.

So beautiful Michael. The palette is perfect and I love your style of painting.

Thank you Val, Denise & Hilary. Pleased you like it too David, Tony & Fiona. Dare I say it, but I was pleased how this one turned out. Glad it has that dreich look Fiona; next time I’ll have two biscuits! Wanted the right sort of grey sky. With a bit of experiment some ultramarine blue mixed with some ‘sludge’ from my dish (mixture of raw and burnt sienna plus a smidgeon of lemon yellow) seemed to do the trick. Must use the sludge more often.

Thank you Carole - you are too kind.

Calm, serene - and b. cold! I like it. No snow down here on the Isle of Wight yet - just rain, mud, more rain. If we do get snow, I've got coffee - no biscuits, but mince pies: and I'll paint it from within firmly closed doors.

Very chilly!

Mince pies will do the trick Robert! IOW - birthplace of both my parents, numerous aunts and uncles and my home briefly in 1944/5 dodging the bombs. (Park Road Wootton)

Fabulous painting Michael!

Oh very nice Michael.

Thanks for the thumbs up Sarah and Brian.

You have caught the feel of a bleak winter scene so well here Michael.

An excellent painting, Michael - so chilly! (Will have to try the coffee and biscuits!!)

Thanks Stephen. It’s nice when a painting turns out better than you think it will! Anne - thank you too. Coffee and biscuits are almost as important as brushes and paper. I have absent mindedly rinsed a brush out in my coffee - painting is full of surprises!

Really nice watercolour Michael, I particularly, also like working out a watercolour and hoping it will work. This one has, well done

Hang on Studio Wall

Tempting providence I know ....... but winter has come! Watercolour painted this morning aided by a hot coffee and biscuit.

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