Mudeford Quay Dorset ( based on a much larger wide angle painting by Edward Wesson.)


There is such a lovely freshness about this painting Michael I think it’s the vastness of the sky and water. Beautiful.

A very good painting Michael, sad how things change but then we would moan if they didn’t. Unfortunately car park are a blot on the landscape at many places , I think it will get much worse before it dawns on people they they are helping to spoil the views .

This is so good Michael and entirely agree with your sentiments

This certainly has a classic feel Michael. Beautiful watercolour painting.

This has such immediacy and atmosphere. I especially love the wonderful expressive washes in the sky.

Really lovely, Michael - and it's good that artists can leave out things like car-parks!

Really lovely painting - so classic

A glorious, crisp and beautifully painted watercolour Michael. Love the sky and the depth of tone in the buildings and boats, all set of by the light.

Very good Dennis, I think Mr. Wesson would approve!

Carole, Paul, Heather, Chris, Seok, Anne, Jon, Fiona & Stephen …… thank you all for those nice comments. My mother’s grandfather once lived in one of the old tarred cottages just out of shot and was reputedly a strong swimmer and smuggler who brought ashore brandy kegs on A rope between his teeth! I’m sure the story has been exaggerated and embellished with the passing of time but I like to believe it is true!

Beautiful clear sunlight Michael.


Hang on Studio Wall

Not far from where I used to live. Based on a much more expansive painting by Edward Wesson and probably how it looked some 70 years ago. Lovely fresh fish sold on the quay but the place is sadly overrun with tourists these days - huge carparks behind which fortunately are obscured in my watercolour - and were not there 70 years ago anyway.

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