Sand dunes near Waxham Norfolk (after Edward Wesson)


I liked this on first look Michael, although I did think it was a winter snow scene. Fine painting.

This is one of my favourites too Michael, I would be chuffed to end up with a result like this. Excellent.

Excellent Michael, I like this.

You have really captured the strong light and the feeling of movement in the clouds - lovely!

Yes Jim, it could be mistaken for snow I agree. Pleased you like the painting for which EW should get the credit. Fiona, Carole & Anne - thank you ladies very much. I’m chuffed you like it. Was lucky to get sky painted before paper dried out completely. Just too hot to paint really.

Lovely - particularily the sky

Definitely can see the influence, it's a lovely painting Michael

Recognised it immediately a very good rendition Michael. I did this scene myself some time ago which demonstrated to me how difficult it is to achieve a loose painterly painting, yours does this is spades.

Thank you very much Jon, Heather and Barry.

Lovely loose style just like Ted, very good likeness👍

Thank you William. I don’t mind having a go at an EW painting because I remember reading that when asked the question “was it OK to copy other artists work ?” Ted replied “why ever not!”

A piece with great expressiveness and immediacy. You've made this your own. Beautifully painted, Michael.

Micheal there’s nothing wrong in painting other artists work now and again I have before and many other people have, it’s all part of learning and because of my disability I rarely go out now so sometimes I will look at someone’s painting and totally change it? I just use it as a starting point and try and make it mine in a sense but mostly use my imagination or look at photos not ideal but?

Kind words Seok - thank you. William - thank you. I have a similar problem with limited mobility and, like you, can’t always get to scenes I would like to paint.

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I've always liked this view painted by Edward Wesson, So I have had a go myself trying to replicate the looseness of his wonderful watercolour. Funny how difficult it seems to 'slap it on' when painting your own scene but with EW's painting as a guide it became much easier!

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