Hebridean hideaway


This is beautiful Michael, especially the way you have left patches of white clear.

Lovely painting, Michael

Lovely, Michael!

Super watercolour

Just the perfect blue for the Hebrides Michael. Don’t say where or the hordes will descend, if they haven’t already. I’m a bit Victor Meldrew at the moment 🤨

Like this very much Michael. You have given a very loose and care free feel to your painting.

I know where it is, Marjorie (wink emoji). A lovely, fresh painting, Michael. I also know how difficult it is to paint the marram grass. It's so easy to overdo it; and you haven't, Michael.

That’s it Michael, you’ve picked up a brush and cracked it! I agree with Marjorie, your sky has the Hebridean clarity, it’s wonderful. A marvellous start Michael, perhaps a Cree Estuary next?

Really like this Michael, that sky is glorious.

Carole, David, Anne and Heather - thank you. A simple scene that I found harder to paint than I thought. Paper dried out very quickly in heat. Marjorie ‘Meldrew’ - pleased you approve! Know what you mean .... the hordes would probably trash the beaches with their litter 😡 Chris - that is kind of you; the carefree feel was not apparent as I painted ... Roger - The marram grass was tricky for me. Think I need more practice and some new finer brushes. Fiona - thank you! I like the sky but I need you to paint the marram grass for me. As to an estuary painting, was that a Cree-de-coeur? Katy - thank you. Glad you like the sky which dried far too quickly for comfort.

A dream place, wish I was there Michael.

Me too, Carole !

Beautiful rendition of washes. Love the luminosity of the piece.

Yes, yes, yes!!

Thanks Seok 👍

Hang on Studio Wall

Based on a newspaper photo. Suffering a bit from 'painter's block' and first time picked up brushes for a while ...... it can only get better ( I hope! )

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