An attempt at a loose study (after Jake Winkle)


That's the story of most watercolourists' lives! But if you hadn't told us it had gone downhill, I bet we wouldn't have known - and would have thought it a sun-drenched, light-drenched study that has worked very well, with plenty of tonal contrast, convincing figures, and a well-chosen palette. It may not be up there with the best of Jake Winkle's work - but it tells the story, is an attractive image, has confident brush-work: what do you think is wrong with it? There is one issue with perspective, and the far building doesn't quite come off, if one's being fussy. But if you hadn't prepared me to be critical, I wouldn't have been - since I think the painting as a whole works.

Not bad at all, the light and dark are used very intelligently.

I like it more than you do Michael .. lovely composition and colour

Love the warm colours and shadows, also I like the feeling of walking uphill or downhill whichever way you look at it;)

Looking at this warms me up Michael, it has a lovely glow and warmth. Great figures!

Robert - thank you for your encouraging comments. Yes I did get my perspective a little askew. Perhaps I was disappointed I couldn’t quite do a ‘Jake Winkle’. 😊 However, light shade and figures worked pretty well. Kwok, Heather and Carole - pleased you think it has some good points. I will try more of these loose paintings and hope to improve.

Fiona- thank you. Glad I’ve warmed you up! Here, we have just an inch of snow on the ground and it is bitter.

Michael it’s snowed here too, a couple of inches and it’s beautiful. Yes very cold, -8 last night, and only -4 so far. I put extra food out for the Fox last night. I was walking round the garden about 21.00 and the moon was shining, it was wonderful! Keep warm.

Excellent figures here Michael, and I like the loose description of the windows too.

Thank you Chrissie. Glad you like the ‘loose’ windows!

There is so much to like in your painting, Michael - particularly the wonderful feeling of light and super figures!

Lovely loose effect showing the strong light and dark shadows, the windows do stagger too, and the one with the blind has produced a balance with the shade umbrella set at an angle, nice drizzled effect of the figure shadows too! Well done Michael!

Very effective- feels warm.

I bought a book by Jake a few years ago. I thought, they look fairly simple, after trying to copy a couple, I realised that this 'simple' style is actually quite tricky. I should have realised, having found out the same thing with the likes of Wesson, Seago, Chamberlain etc. We can only try to learn from them as we go on.

Thank you Anne, Angela, Maureen & Stephen. And Stephen - you are so right - it’s more difficult than we think to paint in the style of experts!

Hang on Studio Wall

Well ... it started well but then went downhill.

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