Stone wall country

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Certainly captures The Pennines. Excellent painting.

I like this Michael, it draws you in to that really brooding distance so reminiscent of the Pennines, I like the way you have done the walls understated yet so definite, nice one.

Thanks Stephen & Malcolm. Not very ‘watercoloury’ but hopefully conveys the mood.

Laying it on thick adds to the atmosphere’s heavy, expectant and moody. Captures the rugged landscape and highlights the beauty of these out of the way and untouched places.

Fiona - I think you’ve ‘laid it on thick’ but thank you! 😊 Not much painting getting done today - the Test Match is too compelling.

Cricket compelling???? 💤💤💤 😂 only kidding! The sun has just come out here....hoorah! Where’s my paint brush.....x

Hang on Studio Wall
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Rugged Pennines perhaps - an attempt to portray stone wall country in strong tones. Painted the brooding escarpment and the rest followed. Maybe not usual watercolour and had to persuade myself to lay it on thick!

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