Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.........


Nice Michael lovely splashy effect

Haha. I shall leave Fiona to respond with regard to the weather. However, I do like this for its energy.

Woohoo Michael, this is great! Bet you enjoyed sloshing the water and paint around, it’s very free and should do more. Surprise, surprise, we’ve had our day of summer today.....started of with warm rain and petered out with just the warm. I don’t mind at all, if you enjoyed doing it all the better, and you’ve added your own stamp to it.....much prefer your tree. X

Yes I did enjoy a bit of sloshing Fiona! Thank you - I will do more. I think you have released me from my chains 😎 Glad you have had a bit of summer today - not bad here too.

I look forward to seeing more.....happy sloshing! 😊

Nearly as good as FP, only kidding, its great and if I hadn't seen Fiona's first I would have thought she'd lost her marbles and posted it twice !!!!

Thank you Linda. We don’t want FP losing her marbles! Her original is better IMO but it has encouraged me to be a bit more ‘hung-ho’ 😊

Too late I’m afraid regarding FP’s marbles, they rolled away a long time ago! Lol

Thank you Maureen. Fiona’s idea!

Love your use of washes and the immediacy of the piece. Super piece.

Thank you Seok. Very simple but quite effective I hope.

Hang on Studio Wall

..... well that's what they say. Seeing Fiona's lovely painting recently made me want to have a go at something fast and slapdash. I've been getting a bit bogged down so doing this was fun. Doesn't quite have F P's quirkiness but not too bad. Hope you don't mind Fiona. Was thinking of calling this 'Galloway in high summer' but thought that was a bit cheeky.

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