Against the light (watercolour)


Really stands out.

Good - so many painters in watercolour are afraid of darks, or maybe don't know how to make them: but without tonal contrast - you've not got very much!

Works well and the tonal contrast is very good as Robert has said. The horizon seems a little tilted, or perhaps the left hand coast is receding to the right?

Thank you all and Stephen S - yes the left hand coast is receding to the right.

Beautiful, I like to see darks in a watercolour.

Lovely. The darks make all the difference.

Magical darrrrrks Michael, they make the surroundings sparkle. Hope you’re keeping well and out of mischief. X

Thank you Frank & Christine. Thought I had painted water too dark but the dark reflections make it look quite light! Fiona - nice to hear from you. Thought you must have been hibernating but the warm weather must have wafted up to Galloway. Me in mischief? Never ... although someone told me I was a free spirit recently 😊

I love your minimalist approach - very effective.

Love the freshness and contrasts Michael.

What a superb watercolour painting and the colours are excellent.

Thank you Linda, Carole & Paul. Pleased you approve. My ‘minimalist’ approach Linda is partly born out of necessity; a tremor in my hand makes it very difficult to paint fine detail - good for reflection ‘squiggles’ though! 😊

Very effetive painting, Michael

I’m still hibernating Michael, I usually poke my nose out round about August! Seriously, we haven’t had the temperatures you’ve had in the south, it definitely isn’t shorts weather just yet. And tomorrow, we welcome storm ‘Arthur’ , fifty mph winds....marvellous. Fortunately the blossom has already set on the fruit trees!

Thank you Maureen and I hope the fruit trees stay upright Fiona!

Such a serene scene. I wish that I was there, the water looks very inviting.

I’d like to be there too Sarah. Thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

An attempt at being bold with darks.

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