The day that the rains came (Watercolour)


I haven't seen the original, but that looks pretty good to me Michael!

I haven’t see the original either Michael so this is the best I’ve seen. Love that red brolly!

Thank you very much Margaret & Fiona. Don’t look in the Artist magazine then! Btw Fiona, I didn’t respond to your comment about awaiting the arrival of the Ospreys but it just struck me as rather funny - sounded like old friends of yours late for a dinner party lol. Nice couple,the Ospreys, you know! 😀 Silly but I’ve got to see some humour in life these troubled times.

Magnificent job Micheal just so well painted, the figures are painted just right in there perspective!

This is great Michael and beautifully painted.

William & Carole - thank you. Doesn’t bear too close inspection!

Love it Michael, the touch of red is a master stroke!

Thanks Alan - the brolly is rather large! Painted it freehand and got shape wrong ..... to correct it got bigger and bigger .... you will know how difficult it is to remove unwanted red pigment!

That splash of red rescues what would be quite a depressing scene. Fits in with current situation, where art can bring some relief, in the midst of gloom and fear.

Really like this Michael, the feeling of rain and dampness is really well portrayed

Thank you Stephen & Heather. Have just noticed that the man (centre) isn’t sheltering his blonde companion ..... selfish fellow!

Superb painting Michael, you can almost feel the rain.

Thank you Paul (with a lot of help from Hazel!)

Very good, and yes, that splash of red really works.

Lol....Yes I see what you mean. They are still sign of them today either!

You are generous Maureen 😊

Hang on Studio Wall

An attempt at a Hazel Soan demonstration in the latest edition of the Artist magazine. I won't show you her painting as that would show you how bad mine is! However I expect some of you take the magazine anyway. Fun to do and I can only get better!

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